Limited benefits

As a limited benefits member in PSS, in the event of invalidity or your death, your PSS benefit will be paid as a lump sum, calculated only up to your date of exit. No future service will be taken into account for your final PSS benefit calculation.

Am I a limited benefits member?

You may be classified as a limited benefits member if you did not complete a Your confidential medical and personal statement (CMAPS) [PDF 1 MB] form or your form discloses conditions that may mean you take excessive sick leave in your first three years of membership. Once you complete three years of membership, you are no longer a limited benefits member and will be entitled to a PSS full benefits membership regardless of your medical situation.

If you are a limited benefits member, it will be shown on your Member Statement.

Medical assessment

PSS must know your health history and if there is the potential for medical problems to affect your employment or result in claims to PSS within your first three years of membership. This is why new PSS members must complete a form, called Your confidential medical and personal statement (CMAPS) [PDF 1 MB].
It should be completed and returned to CSC within 14 days of commencing your PSS membership. Medical assessments must be held for all new members, regardless of prior membership.

After you submit your completed CMAPS form, you receive a medical assessment. If, in terms of the PSS scheme rules, you are assessed to be sufficiently healthy to carry out your duties without taking excessive sick leave within your first three years of PSS membership, you will be classified as a full benefits member in PSS.

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